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To consist to according to the creation productivty and participation cultere of instutution our partners, our officers and our country to convert to succeed, the product beyond of expectation, with product and serving solution and to make feel confidence of brand.

Frequently asked questions

Quick Selection Guide for Ultrasonic Flow Meter

As is known, there is no one flow meter which can meet all of request, thus, the right selection is a very important step for ensure successful application. Ultrasonic flow meter has its own consideration.

1. Is the liquid clean or dirty? Clean liquid needs transit-time flow meter, dirty one will use doppler flow meter.

2. Portable way or fixed installing? If want to move easily, portable flow meter is recommended. Otherwise, should use fixed type flow meter.

3. Pipe information requested; pipe size range, pipe wall thickness, pipe material, whether there is a lining material or not.

4. Fluid information requested; flow rate, liquid temperature, dirty or clean

5. Power supply way; AC, DC and battery powered way

6. What output/input is needed, pulse, 4-20mA, frequency output

7. Whether needs thermal energy (heater) measuring or not, if yes, whether insertion or clamp-on PT100 resistors

8. Whether needs data logger or not

9. Full consideration of financial purpose

Why Choose Ultrasonic Flow Meter ?

Comparing with other main selling type flow meters e.g. electromagnetic, mass, vortex, turbine flow meters, ultrasonic flow meter has its own unique features as below;


1. Unique clamp on flow measuring without damaging pipe 

2. Wide pipe size measuring range

3. Clamp on transducers is easy to install and maintain

4. Wide velocity measuring range

5. Low cost and good performance ensured by our flow meters

6. Various transducers supplied

7. Real portable flow meter with clamp-on transducers